Friday, April 9, 2010

Are we prepared?

So last week I was sitting here all by my lonesome watching TV. I was flipping through station after station and then I stopped on the movie "Signs" You know that movie right? Mel Gibson, M. Night Shamalon ( or whatever) aliens? Anyway, So I'm watching this scary movie all alone and it gets to the part when they are hiding out in the cellar because those freaky things have made their way inside. Their hiding out and making sure there is no other way into the cellar. Then yummy Mel Gibson remembers that there is a coal shaft in the cellar so they try and find it so they can cover it up. The camera focuses on the coal shaft and the little boy is standing right in front of it. Oh crap you know something is going to happen! Just then a scary ass alien arm grabs the little boy! Don't worry!! Mel saved the day and got him ;)

If you remember in the movie the little boy has asthma. So that attack by the alien got him really worked up. The next scene is the little boy laying in Mels lap and trying his hardest to breath. Mel looks over at his brother in a sad panic and says " We don't have his medicine" My heart sank and for a minute there it felt like I couldn't swallow. I was scared. Not scared of the aliens anymore but scared of that one little sentence "We don't have his medicine" Since Avery has been diagnosed I feel like as a family we have done everything humanly possible to make sure that my little man is safe and taken care of with his medical needs. I pack WAY more then I need to for outings, we know exactly what supplies we have and when we are about to run out, Everything is accounted for and lists are made so nothing is forgotten. But are we really PREPARED??

OK, OK.. Don't get me wrong, I'm not yelling: "Hey D parents make sure you have your kids diabetic supplies accounted for in a safe place because you never know when some scary ass aliens are going to come knocking at your door!" But I am saying.. Do you have a 72 hour kit prepared in case of emergency? Any kind of emergency? Earthquake, flood, fire, etc. And in the kit do you have the necessary things? Water, canned food, blanket, first aid kit, etc? What about diabetic supplies? Stuff for their highs and lows, Syringes, Lancets, extra strips, batteries if you use a pump, pump supplies, and of course INSULIN??!! That's kind of a tough one because unopened insulin needs to be kept in the fridge so I don't know how that works if you wanted to keep some in a 72 kit and then swap it out every time you knew it was out of date. The point is that I never want to be put in a situation. ANY SITUATION where the words " We don't have his medicine" come out of my mouth.

I'm sure you guys have thought about this before and I'm sure there are some of you who have this all taken care of. As for me? I don't. But at the end of this weekend? I will. It will make me feel so much better that if the unexpected does happen I can just grab his backpack and know without a doubt that everything he needs to survive is in there.

If there are some of you who have this all taken care of I would love to hear about it! Let me know what you have in your kit. This has actually got me thinking about a few other things I have had on my mind to do for a while.. But ill save those ramblings for another day! Ill try not to let it go so long before my next post :)