Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So after many, many chats about going to visit Shelley in Boise I finally did(last month) and had a blast! We hadn't seen each other in about 4 years(PS we have been friends since 8th grade!) but as soon as I got off the plane it was like we had talked everyday! I was so excited about meeting Noah and Brad. Noah and I hit it off right away :) Brad and I?? Not so much.. I found out he's real name was Donald and so when he first got home that night, I yelled "Hey Donald!" The first time I said it he didnt hear me and then the second time I tried my joke I dont even think he cracked a smile :( No need to worry.. A few hours later we were long lost BFF's and I had just as much fun with him as I did with Shell! If you ever want to break the ice with someone just ask if you can feel their peck! Trust me, works EVERY time ;)

Shelley and Brad are HUGE "coupon people" So I got a lovely little day at the spa free! It was so relaxing.. Shelley is a wonderful cook and we ate way to much the whole trip. I ate a whole bag of double stuffed oreos and loved every minute of it! It was such a great vacation! Noah is the sweetest thing and I loved getting to know his little personality :)

After we played all day long... We would get comfy on the couch and have a "office" marathon! Oh holy crap that show is funny!! I dont know what was more fun, the stuff we did during the day or our bonding time at night??

It was a wonderful vacation and it mad me realize how much I miss my little friend.. I hope one day (even if only for a short time) we can live close again :) Thank you Shelley (and Brad) for such a fun trip!! I loved it and I cant wait to see you guys this month! xoxo

Here are a few more pics of the trip...

So its not letting me post anymore pics! Why does it always do that to me?? Ill try and post more later