Thursday, June 11, 2009

Its about time!

I honesty have sat down about a dozen times to post this and I just cant ever finish it.. Well here it is. It has been pretty eventful in the Cooper house over the last few months to say the least!

First off Landon was born Feb. 27th at 12:38 PM and is just as cute as can be! He weighed 6 lbs 13 oun. and was 19 in long (huge difference from Avery) He has been such a great baby (except when he's in his car seat) and we just love having this new little member of our family.

Secondly.. We found out on May 19th that Avery has diabetes :( Just when I was getting used to a new baby AND a toddler running around we get hit with this. I have had text message after text message and phone call after phone call from family friends wanting to say they were sorry and find out what all happened and since I know that a ton of people check my blog that don't have one of their own just to see what we have been up too, I thought i would let everyone know on here how it all came about instead of telling the story 100 times..

For the past few moths Avery had been DRINKING and PEEING WAY MORE then any 2 year old ever should! I kinda knew the warning signs of diabetes because 2 of my aunts have it so i was pretty concerned. What made me officially take him into his Dr. was that one afternoon i put Avery down for his nap like i always do and he normally sleeps for about 2 to 3 hours. This time he woke up after only about an hour and his pull up was as heavy as if i hadn't changed him in 2 full nights! A couple days later we went in. They tested his urine and took his blood. Within minutes we got the news that it was Type 1 diabetes. It was a pretty hard hit. Sitting there looking at my sweet happy little boy who had no idea what was going on was so hard! I pulled it together and my Dr. sent us to Primary Children's Hospital that night. We were there from Tues. until Friday. They were monitoring Avery boy and teaching us all they could in 4 days.. Oh hell it was A LOT to take in!

Avery was SO amazing during the whole thing :) To this day he has yet to cry about a shot or a finger poke to test his blood. He is so brave and is dealing with this better then most adults do I'm told. The nurses couldn't believe how happy and just perfectly fine he was the whole time at the hospital. I'm a wreck of course! We have to give him a shot 3 or more times a day and test his blood about 10 t0 12 times a day. It has been a HUGE change of lifestyle but we are dealing with everything 1 day at a time. Avery is acting like nothing is different and that is a huge help to Kendal and I. In about a month Avery is getting on the pump so we will only have to poke him 1 time every 3 days rather then 3 or more times a day. We are so excited and cant wait to get it!

Also, Avery just had his 3rd B-day and it was just what we needed to boost our spirits up! We had cake and ice cream at the park and then headed over to the fire station in Pleasant Grove for a tour. (Avery is obsessed right now with fire trucks) My brothers good friend is the police chief there so he made it really fun. Thank you to everyone that came and made his day so special! Ive put up some pics so you can see what we have all been up too lately.

Ill try my hardest to be better about posting more blogs.. (promise Bridget)
I'm sure some of you might have questions or maybe just want to hear a little more about what happened.. if you do please feel free to call me. Things have settled down a bit and its good to talk to friends and family xoxo