Monday, December 28, 2009

How many carbs are in that ya think??

I found myself saying that in my head and to everyone else on Christmas eve. Whats the worst thing about yummy Christmas food that other people bring?? That other people made it. Most people don't think about how many carbs are in a serving of whatever dish they are making.. I do. I cant expect everyone to cater to Avery's needs 100% of the time so it was it pretty annoying having to "carb guess" my way through most of the meal. He stayed in the high 100's most of the night so I did a pretty good job. The frog eyed salad was what killed me though! Avery loved that stuff. I make it myself but I haven't in quite a while so I had NO idea what the amount of carbs were in that little dish.. It worked out.

Our first Christmas with Diabetes wasn't as stressful as I thought it would be. Santa left Avery some treats in his stocking and he's been very good about only eating them after lunch or dinner. No fits. No tantrums. Yay! Hes only 3 1/2, but I really think he is starting to understand more and more every day that there are just some things his little body cant have right when he wants it. He knows he needs to be checked and he has been so good about waiting patiently when hes high before he can start chowing down. He still amazes me every day with the way he has been taking all of this. Avery.. You are my hero! He is a great example to me and his dad and of course his little brother Landon. I hope I'm teaching my boys half as much as they teach me every day.

The other day Avery asked me for a sugar free doughnut :) I wish buddy!! He tries to be sneaky like that all the time "but mom, this has no carbs!" (as hes holding a bag of skittles) Cute little stinker. Like I've said before, we are taking it day by day and that's all any of us can do. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Ill post some pictures soon.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm so sikey!!

This is phrase heard all too often at the Cooper house. Avery knows how to say excited just fine but instead he says "sikey". With all of the Christmas decorating and talk of Santa he has been plenty sikey! Who says holidays aren't as much fun when your older?? Pffffff I think its more fun! Nothing is more fun to me then seeing the look on Averys face when I tell him the story of Santa and his reindeer. His eyes get HuGe and he has about a zillion questions. I remember last year having fun getting all his presents and treats in order and being really excited too, but this year is just that much better because he really gets the whole santa thing. Our Christmas traditions will be more and more fun the older they get!

This year we are starting a new tradition that I hope will become our most treasured one. My cousin let me in on this little Christmas tradition that her husbands family does every year and I think its wonderful! Its easy to get caught up in the "commercial" part of Christmas. Santa, cookies, reindeer, PrEsEnTs! Dont get me wrong.. we ALL do it and it is Oh So FuN! But we also all know that Christmas is not just about that. Its about the precious birth of our Savior and the wonderful story of Mary and Joseph in the manjor. So to remind my family of that, before we dig into our stockings and rip open our presents we are going to set up the Nativity scene in front of the tree and talk about the birth of our Savior and what Christmas is truly all about. I hope its a tradition and a memory that my children will grow to love and pass on to their own children one day. Thanks Barry and Rochelle!

So needless to say we are all waiting for Santa and all the fun that comes with this wonderful time of year. Norwegian cookies, lights at temple square, shopping with my mom and sister, Griswolds Christmas vacation, pictures with santa, Christmas cards and all the other fun stuff this time of year brings. Yes... the Coopers are So SiKeY!!

I also have been meaning to post these pictures for SO long. At the end of the summer I was lucky enough to have my friend Kara in town for a day on her way home from Idaho and she was able to take some family pictures. They turned out great and i'm sorry Kara that it took me so long to post some. Merry Christmas everybody!