Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2 GINORMOUS blogs in one!!

So whos version do you like the best? Shannons? Shamaes?? Well sit back and enjoy my version! Just for the record Id be happy if we all tied for 1st ;)

For those of you who take a look at my blog that arent on my D-mom list, A friend of mine whos daughter also has Type 1 was driving from Idaho Falls to come see a new Endo. He happens to be Averys Dr. too so it was just another thing to bring us a little closer. When I was talking to Shamae on the phone on Thursday night I told her I was so excited that trying to fall asleep that night was going to be like trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve.. And it was! I really was THAT excited about meeting the both of them. The drive over to meet them was pretty exciting too. I havent had 2 pound butterflies in my stomach for quite a while ;) When I walked in and saw both of their faces my eyes started to fill up with tears. I hugged them both and we all just started chatting away!

And just like both them wrote on their blogs.. It was great! It was not a conversation you have when meeting with people for the first time. Oh no! It was just like talking with close friends that Ive had for years!! The kids got along great and that made it so nice because we were able to talk and get to know each other even more. Those cute kids.. Shannons litte man will just melt your heart like no other and all of the girls were just so sweet. It was so great for Avery to see other kids his age with pumps and other kids getting their finger checked before they ate too. I could see it on Averys face.. He lit up when he saw the other kids doing it too and Im hoping that in his sweet little mind he was thinking "Hmm Ok.. Other kids DO do this. Mommy was right. Its ok"

When we were taking pictures outside I was so happy I could really just puke. I was glad that I could act totally like myself and that they could too. Thats when you know you have found good friends. I hate this stupid disease more then anything.. But Im also so thankful that it has lead me to wonderful people! Its hard to make new friends when you are a stay at home mommy with 2 kids. But im proud to say that I have made some wonderful friends through blogging and facebook. Diabetes introduced us but its not the only thing that will keep every one of you in my life! Thank you for all your help and support and I hope to meet all of you one day and I know when that day comes it will be just as wonderful as my day with Shamae and Shannon! Ok maybe a close 2nd ;) 
Loved EVERY minute of it.. Thanks girls!

And now on to my other post..
My baby is 1!! I cant even believe it! The time has just flown by and I hate to see some of it go. Dont get me wrong I love watching my boys grow up but they just do it so fast. Slow down and let me enjoy the baby time a little bit more!

We had a birthday party on Saturday and despite me screwing up on a few cute things I had planned I think it turned out great. It was just a small little get together with my side of the family and our 2 best friends.  (We are getting together with the Cooper side next week I think) Now what is the funnest thing about a 1 year olds B day party?? Getting to watch him dive into the cake right? It took Landon a while to get the hang of it but he finally got it down and had a pretty fun time gettin' dirty!

I will always have a little bit of guilt when it comes to Landon and these past 9 months :( He has been put on the back burner I feel from time to time while we have been getting used to everything with Avery and our new lifestyle. That little guys is SO loved though and I hope he knows it! Its hard to believe that a whole year has gone by. Only a year and I cant remember our lives without him.. I hope you had a great birthday little man!

*WARNING* *WARNING* Some of these pictures might make you want to throw up in your mouth a little bit :) Enjoy!