Sunday, November 29, 2009

The start of the HoLiDaY SeAsOn!

It seems like after Halloween everything just goes by way too fast. Since Avery was diagnosed I have been stressing out about all of the holidays. I know its stupid! As soon as one passes i think "Hmm that wasn't too bad" Halloween was the day i was worried about the most. All the kids coming to grandmas right after trick-or-treating and digging into all the candy.. It went pretty well though. All the kids were being really sweet and they all waited to eat their treats until Avery was checked and was OK to join in on all the fun! Avery got sick over Thanksgiving so it was kind of a bitter sweet thing for me. Bitter because its NO FUN having a sick kid, especially with diabetes because it just throws everything with him off for a few days. But sweet because he didn't feel like eating anything but fruit and cereal so i didn't have to worry about any of the carbs in whatever thanksgiving food other family members brought! So that went pretty smooth as well. So now we just wait for Christmas :) Treats in the stocking will have to wait to be devoured at an appropriate time rather then whenever he wants. (which is how it usually is on a day like Christmas!) So i think i stress out and worry about things with him a little too much. He surprises me every time because he takes it so well and its really no big deal. He's 3 so sometimes its hard to say "yes you can have that candy, you just have to wait a little bit first" Most of the time he's OK with that but like I said hes 3 and sometimes he just doesn't want to hear that answer! I'm sure Christmas will come and go and ill say my usual "hmmm that wasn't too bad"

My birthday was the day before thanksgiving so it made things a little busy this week. On My Bday things didn't really start off all that fun because i guess nothing went according to Kendal's plan. My present was supposed to get there on on Wed. and it didn't, flowers were supposed to be delivered that never showed up, breakfast in bed got burnt because he was dealing with the kids. Its the thought that counts right?? So needless to say Kendal was in a bad mood ALL DAY and it didn't even feel like a birthday until we went to dinner. It was so yummy and then i came home to flowers and candy in my room. The crappy day was made up for! Thanksgiving was at my moms on Thurs. and then at Kendal's moms on Friday. Avery had a blast playing with the kids and he was feeling much better on Friday. Every year the Cooper kids put on a play and this year Avery was old enough to be invited. Hes still pretty little and doesn't take direction very well :) So it pretty much consisted of him standing center stage with a stick in his hand bowing whenever anyone clapped. So funny!

After that we went back to my parents house for a bit and Kendal had been waiting all day to give me my present that finally arrived on Friday morning. It was a great surprise and i LoVeD it!! Now its time to start decorating for Christmas and I'm so excited! Avery keeps asking where our tree is so that's probably the first thing ill put up.

Just one more thing... For all you wonderful ladies who have asked if its OK for you to add me to your blog list, please do! You don't even need to ask :) I would love for you to check in on us whenever you'd like and i hope i can do the same with you. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I also posted some random fun pics that i should have put on here a long time ago.


Bridget Raleigh said...

I love that little Landon I just want to kiss him. He is so cute!

phonelady said...

Oh wow what awesome pics and yeah come check my blog out sometime . I have a grown up son with the big d . Oh well you guys really are cute .

Laura Houston said...

Super cute pictures! I have all the same worries and concern. Everything is just so new. We will be fine - things just have to be handled a little differently now. Our new normal! :-)

So, what was you b-day gift???
Inquiring minds want to know!! Your husband sounds like a sweetie. He gets an A+ for effort!

Anonymous said...

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candice said...

Horray for the new post!!! i love the picture of those two pumpkins sitting in the pumpkin patch!! And then Avery running off! I can't believe we saw you on Friday and COMPLETELY forgot to say happy b-day!! I'm glad you had a good b-day eventually! I look forward to having Avery and especially Mr. Handsome, a.k.a. Landon over!!! I mean it Wendy... bring them over and go get some shopping done!!

Phill and Stacie said...

Hi Wendy, it has been a long time since I have talked to you but saw that you had a blog and hope you don't mind that I am following. I am sorry to hear about your little boy and his diabetes, I cannot even imagine. Also I just have to say that I loved your Halloween outfit- so cute!

Krystal said...

Here are the pics I've been looking for! Such cute boys you have! And it looks like they get along so well... ;) You have a beautiful family and I admire your strength!