Tuesday, February 23, 2010


At Averys preschool they have this cute thing called V.I.P of the week. This week it was Avery and I think we have more fun with this stuff then he does! You're supposed make a poster with some pictures and talk about his favorite things and stuff like that. He LOVES cars so I wanted to make the poster look like a car. I just wanted a simple cartoon car that I could slap a few pics on and call it good. Kendal had a totally different thing in mind. Being the great artist that he is, he begins to create this car poster and by the end of it I had NO room to do anything on it. No pics or anything of the sort! So sadly Kendal had to take his little masterpiece and dial it down about 50 notches. He was irritated with the end result but it was exactly what I had in mind so we kept it the way it was. I put up pictures that best describe Avery and wrote down a few of his favorite things. I also put together some little treat bags and he was so excited to hand them out to his friends!

He was in the 400's (WTH??) right before school so that kind of took away the excitement for me but Avery didnt know the difference. I corrected him and he had a great day! The best part of my day on Tuesday's and Thursday's are opening up his backpack and seeing all the stuff he has done that day. If he's in the mood he goes over everything with me. If not he just says "I dont remember mom". Kendal has school on those same days so he thinks thats pretty cool too. I posted some pics of the finished project. I think it turned out pretty cute for his very first V.I.P!
Another fun thing thats coming up pretty quick is Landons first birthday! I cant believe a whole year has gone by since I had my little man. I feel guilty sometimes because with Avery being diagnosed when Landon was just 3 months old I feel like he was kind of put on the back burner for a while :( I tried my hardest to give him all the love and attention he deserves but it got really hard sometimes when there was so much going on with Avery. Things have calmed down a lot though and I know he knows that he is SO SO loved!! He is the cutest little thing and has got the curliest hair and the biggest dark brown eyes. He just melts my heart and I cant believe a whole year has come and gone already. Ill do a year post on his bday so check back for that..
And last but not least another thing Im SO excited for this weekend... I get to meet a fellow D mom!!! Shamae and I have plans to meet on Friday and I cant even tell you how excited I am to meet her and her sweet girls face to face. I love her online and through the phone so im sure ill love her even more in person. Im sure we will BOTH be blogging about our little "date" so we will take tons of pictures for everyone!


Meri said...


I'm so excited for you guys to meet! We'll be with you guys in spirit! Enjoy your time together! (Do me a favor and give Shamae a big hug from me. :)

By the way: CUTE POSTER! It oozes love from his Mom and Dad!

Jessica said...

I just wanted to say that poster turned out AWESOMELY! What a lucky little boy! I have so much fun with Liam's preschool stuff too.

Second of all, I wanted to send major HUGS your way. My daughter Peyton was almost 3 months old when Liam was diagnosed, and I still feel major guilt for all of the times I couldn't give her what she needed right away because the stupid diabetes was demanding immediate attention. I know she is such a happy and loved baby, but I know *just* how you feel. (((HUGS)))

Tracy said...

LOVE the car poster! Too cute.

Love the curly hair on your little man. A year definitely goes by FAST! Especially with D in the mix. Can't wait to see his year in pics.

Love that you are getting to meet Shamae! It is so fun to meet other D moms in person! Have a great time! I can't wait to see the blogs about it later! :)

Laura said...

That poster is SO cute! I loved it.
Could you guys be an cuter?

I'm so jealous about you getting to meet Shamae. I love her too. I can't wait to see the posts and the pics from the meeting.

Hey - BTW - we love WOW WOW Wubzy too!

Reyna said...

AWWW the poster is adorable...I remeber doing something similar for Joe when he was in preschool...we still have it hanging in the playroom (3 years later).

I too feel a lot of guilt about my non-D child. I feel like she gets the short end of the stick a lot...it has gotten easier...but there are times that it is a burden for her as well.

Have fun with Shamae...I haven't met here in the blogosphere yet.

Shamae said...

Oh hugs dear!

First of all, I LOVE that car! It totally rocks! Avery is so cute!! So is Landon! Handsome lil boys!!

Second of all, I am SOOOO excited to meet you too! We are going to have an awesome date! :-) You rock! So happy we got to know each other and it will be great to meet face to face!!