Friday, February 12, 2010

The other side of me..

SO... Shamae said whoever read her whole post was obligated to write some stuff about themselves. Geez thanks Shamae ;) Here a few random things you might not know.

1. I moved a lot as kid and went to 4 different highschools (sucked)

2. Knowing I have diet pepsi in my fridge makes my day better

3. Im outgoing and easy to talk to, but hard to get to know at the same time.

4. People piss me off way too easy. Especially stupid people. You know who you are.

5. I love red-box. My favorite thing is treats and watching a movie..

6. My guilty pleasure is double stuff oreos

7. I have more guy friends then girls and its always been that way. Less drama

8. I have a tattoo on my back, and once had my tongue pierced! (that one surprised you huh?)

9. My family bugs me easily. Sad but true

10. I love my mom and I hang out with her more then anyone.

11. When Kendal and I first met I thought he was the biggest dork!!

12. When Avery was 5 weeks old I forgot to buckle him back in his car seat after grocery shopping. I lifted the car seat up and out of the cart and baby Avery rolled out landing on his left side. Resulting in a broken collar bone and a head bleed between his brain and his skull :(  My tough little man can pull through anything! (and yes i STILL feel horrible about it)

13. When I was 7 months prego with Avery I slipped on porch stairs, fell and shattered 3 of the fingers on my right hand. Kendal looked at my hand, almost dry heaved, put me in the car and took me to the ER.

14. My boys were born c- section. Averys heart couldnt take the contractions and we had to get him out quick. I didnt want to stress about the risks with a normal delivery after Avery so baby Landon came the same way.

15. I LOVE cooking and Im always trying new stuff. Like Shamae said it sucks finding out carbs for new recipes but its worth it if i find a good one.

16. I love my boys and I cant wait until their taller then me. I always think about it for some reason. How cute will the family pic be with all my boys around me?? Dad is tall so im assuming they will be tall too. Avery is always off the charts for his height.

17. I cant handle when people are mean to my kids. Other kids or adults i just cant handle it! Im pretty damn vocal about it too. 

18. My new favorite web site is My good friend Shelley started it up with some friends in Boise and its such a great site with wonderful fun ideas. Go check it out when you get a minute!

19. I cry at everything. I do. Everything. Commercials, re-runs of little house on the praire, anything patriotic, pictures, etc., everything. Really 

20. I swear too much. Its a bad habbit but I cant kick it. Good hell is just a little taste ;) (cant wait to chat again ladies)

Surprisingly I really could go on but ill stop there. I hope this let you get to know another side of me.. I tag everyone because I really would like to get know all of you a little better. Especially you D moms. We all know the diabetic side of life so now lets get to know the other side a bit. Have fun! Thanks Shamae..


phonelady said...

Oh my friend the cry baby LOL !!! yes we are kindred spirits as well .

Lora said...

I am now in love with Red Box too!!! I think I'm going to visit it AGAIN today :)

Shamae said...

hahah LOVE this post! I heart me some double stuff oreos too!! My favorite kinda milkshake is an oreo one! You and I also had several in common! Love the list! Thanks girl!

Reyna said...

LOVE "Good Hell"...I may have to add that one to my prolific vocab of swears words. One of my favs is "for f----s sake".

Meri said...

You had me at "Diet Pepsi" :)

I loved getting to know you better! You are a GREAT addition to our group...we need someone with a potty mouth... ;)

And I JUST discovered Red Box LAST WEEK! I honestly think it just made its way to the West coast.

Wendy said...

RED BOX ROCK!!!!!!!!!


Good Hell it's nice to know ya, woman! So glad our pathss have crossed!

Tracy said...

Awesome post! So happy to get to know you a little better.

Reading everyone else's is giving me some ideas for my own. :)

Laura Houston said...

Good Hell you are hilarious!
Love your list but remind me to never let you buckle in my kids. :-)

Love ya girl!

Nicole said...

OH shit I forgot about # 20 on my :)

great list thanks for sharing

themacmomma said...

I do have a potty mouth too!
I tried to call you the other day.
Loved the randoms and I just read the hershy kiss story. And all I can say is it's a damn good thing that all my kids' pancreas' work because I can't remember if I brushed my teeth! They'd be in big trouble. You do so good.
How is that camera treating you?
I tried those Oreo suckers and I sucked it up a bit. I need some tips.
Love your cute face... and tatooed back... and holy tounge!

Hallie said...

Love this! I LOVE double stuff Oreos, too? Why eat an oreo if it ISNT double stuffed?!?

I also love me a good cuss! I cuss a lot in my head but since I'm ususally around small children, I find it inappropriate to let it out. I can just see someone going home and saying "Guess what Mrs. Addington said today when took the lid off the glue and poured it all over the tabe!" Oh, but I was THINKING it!

Glad to know you better, Wendy! I feel like our paths were meant to cross! We have awesome taste in names! And June 5 is a fine, fine day! :)

candice said...

Love to hear your stories! Hey random thing I thought I'd pass on. I am trying a new thing called sucanat. It is sugar in it's most natural form. It has less sucrose than any other form of sugar. Which, as I understand it, means less carbs. I wondered if this would be a good thing for diabetic kids who want treats. I'm using it because I want as little processed food in our diets as possible, maybe it would work for Avery? Love you bunches!!!