Sunday, January 11, 2009

A little bit of everything..

Since I haven't posted a blog in SO long there will be a little of everything on here. First of all the pregnancy is going great! I'm 32 weeks now and I'm already more then ready to have him here. I haven't been too uncomfortable but when you have a toddler running around being this big is not an easy thing. For those of you who don't know, I had to have Avery emergency c-section and my Doctor recommends just having another one so there are no complications. I was a little bummed at first but it will be nice to have everything all planned out. So if all goes as planned he will be arriving the morning of Feb. 28. I am so excited and so ready!

Avery has been doing great also.. He has been sick all week so that's no fun but other then that he is doing so well. He is talking more and more everyday, he knows almost all of his letters and colors and we are working on shapes and things too. Potty training has been a handful but I'm hoping he will catch on before the baby gets here! 2 kids in diapers?? No thanks. And as for Kendal he is as busy as ever. He starts school again tomorrow and work is same old same old. He likes school but of course its hard for him to be away all the time. Its nice to finally have him in school again though even though we miss him around here when he's so busy!

Well.. here are a few pictures starting back in the summer time that i kept meaning to post but i never got around to it. Some Bear Lake pics, Halloween pics and so on and so on..

I know that these are a little out of order.. The first one is of him sailing with his grandpa in Bear Lake, then of course some fall and Halloween pics. My favorites are the ones of Kendal and Avery playing swords! Its so fun to watch them play that. My friend Shelley and Noah came to Utah for a few days and there are a couple of the boys playing, we all had so much fun! Utah has been dumped on with snow and Avery had so much fun helping daddy set up Christmas lights and shovel the snow. I will post some Christmas pics soon. Well, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and and a happy New Year! Ill try not to be as long between post next time, and ill get some belly pics up soon too :)

PS People have been asking if we have names picked out yet and the answer is NO! Boy names are so hard.. We have a few in the running but none that we love, so if you have any boy name suggestions I would LOVE to hear them.


Mandy said...

So good to hear the pregnancy is going well and YEAH your almost done! Feb 28th is my dad's birthday good choice! I have no suggestions for boy names for you, They are SO hard! Isaak didnt have a name right away either it took me a few hours after he was born to finally decide.

Shelley said...

Yay! A post! I love the pictures of Kendal and Avery playing...doesn't it just melt your heart to watch them! --And just 2 in diapers????!! Cry me a River! ;) Love you Wend. Blog more often!

Eagle Mountain Photography said...

Wendy- I'm glad to hear your pregnancy is going well! I can't wait to photography your new addition in 2009! If you want newborn photos, be sure to call me before your little guy turns 2 wks old for the best results. Take care and Congratulations again!

Bridget Raleigh said...

Cute new background and picture of Avery. Now if you would just post some pics of you pregnant that would be great! Or just post anything new.

Krystal said...

Congratulations on you having another boy! I'm so excited for you. I don't think I could handle another boy! :) Your belly looks so cute carvin that pumpkin! Are you so ready to get this pregnancy over with? Do you have any names picked out??? Take care! xoxo

themacmomma said...

Girl I hear you! We are so struggling finding a name! Let me know if you know of any good ones. All of the ones I like Matt seems to have an issue with!

You are going to have a baby so soon! Only a few more weeks! Yea!

Love you! Give those boys a squeeze for me!

themacmomma said...

Mom said you had your baby! I was thinking a couple of days ago I wanted to leave a good luck post!
I hope all went smooth. I want to call and hear all about it!
Can't wait to hear what name you've chosen. We are STILL struggling. I don't think we'll be able to decide until our little guy arrives. Dang it!
Love you!

Mandy said...

When do we get to see pics of baby Cooper? Can't wait to see him! Congratulations