Saturday, May 8, 2010

Almost 1 year..

I cant believe its almost been a year since Avery's diagnoses. Our diagnoses. Its been a crazy year! Ill post more about it soon but I just wanted to say how much this whole experience has taught me. Not just about Diabetes but about everything in my life. It has made me appreciate the little things even more and I look at Avery not just as my handsome little man but as my handsome little hero. Hes so brave and he teaches me something new every day. I love him so much and I thank my Heavenly Father every night that I am his mommy!


Reyna said... the pic of you and your little "super hero".

This kids amaze me and teach me so much each day. Happy almost 1 year. It definitely gets better without the year of "firsts".


Meri said...

I love the new pic on the top of your blog. It is so sweet! Congrats on making through the first is a crazy life, but a rich one for sure.

Love ya!

Laura said...

I love the new picture on top and the great pic of you and your little super hero!

Love you, Girl!! 1 year - one tough year. You rocked it!

Hallie said...

Beautiful pics! Beautiful children! Way to go! One year is a big deal! Love to you!

Donna said...

You are in such a better place at the one year mark than I was... I applaud you for your fantastic outlook!!! =)
LOVE Love love the pic of you and your little hero! =)

k2 said...

Celebrate all the wonderfulness of Avery on his Diaversary! Your doing a great job, and so is he!
Kelly k