Thursday, January 28, 2010

Calling all T1 Mommies!! (and dads too of course!)

SO... long story short, Tonight was the first night that we put Averys site in his stomach. He has been on his pump since mid June and since then every 2 to 3 days we change his site and its always been on his little bum or upper hip area. Avery is tall and skinny and really doesnt have much fat anywhere else and so thats where we have been putting it. At his last Dr. app. his Dr. checked his bum and there was no scar tissue or anything building up so we are still fine to do it there but i hate seeing all the little pock marks its leaving so we decided to switch it up. Avery was super brave like he always his but i could tell that that one hurt him more then the other sites did. Now hes kind of walking around with his shirt up and trying not to bump it or anything because hes not used to it and its bugging him.

So what should i do?? Keep just doing what we normally do until the Dr. says switch it up or just put the site in other places if Averys letting us do it?? Do you guys switch it up with your kids? Where do they say it hurts less on them? Like i said, Avery is tall and skinny so i feel bad putting the site in other places but he eventually needs to get used to that right?? I would love to get some advice on this so please let me know your thoughts and what you guys do. Thanks so much!!


Meri said...

My 8 year old just has enough fat on his tummy to put a site there, once in awhile. Unfortunatly, he is super skinny his little buttie and hip is all he has right now. My 12 year old didn't change it to his stomach until he was in 4th grade. His poor butt, after 10 years with diabetes was so sad and awful to look at. :( The good news is, two years later, there is no lingering aesthetic issues with that area, (His buttie looks completly normal.:) I know a lot of kids use their arms, but my boys won't agree to them yet.

Good luck! Change is always hard for my diabetic takes A LOT of encouragment to make any small change. Especially site changes, they take those changes very personally.

Rachel said...

We tried Tristan's belly once! It didn't go over real well. He absolutely hated it. He was very uncomfortable. He was so pale. We actually had to remove it in less then 12 hours.

We always do his butt. His team said it's ok to continue doing only his butt since he's also so skinny. That's really the only place that there's fat tissues. We almost don't see any "marks" on his butt because every time we remove a site, we cover the area with polysporin. It helps it heal faster.

Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

My 5yo is thin, too. We do her belly (towards the belly button & out to the side) as 4 of our locations.

When she sits upright in a chair, there is a little fat to grab. We pinch her skin at insertion (like you do with injections).

We do her lower back and haven't seen and differences in absorption (that I've noticed or realized).

I want to try her butt.

Do younger kids have issues with it getting dislodged as they pull their pants on and off?

(We do OmniPod.)

Mike LeBlanc said...

We use butt, thighs and stomach in rotation. I suggest to freeze the skin (we use Emla cream) and keep using the stomach if he lets you. He will get used to it.

Shamae said...

First of all, I emailed you a while ago and I wasn't sure if you got the email cause I didn't hear back from ya! So let me know!!

Ok about the sites...Syd can't do her tummy. Not enough fat and she always cries and says it hurts. She will baby it a lot too. We have tried it several times and it's always a flop. Syd loves the back of her arm though. So we rotate with both bum cheeks in various places. Like make a circle with how you place them so it varies spots. So we do that and her arms. Works well for now! Let us know what you decide!

Reyna said...

Hi...I have been having the same issues...we only use Joe's bottom...He has NO fat on his abdomen. His bottom has been OK so far...but I was wondering for those of you who use the do you secure the pump? Is there an arm band or what? Thanks!