Friday, June 6, 2008

Backyardigans B-day Party!

For those of you who don't know, Avery's 2 favorite things are cars and backyardigans. So I took him to the party supply store and I let him pick out what kind of party he wanted. First he was checking out the cars stuff and liked what he saw so we put all the stuff in the cart. But then we went to the backyardigans section and he flipped out! (the backyardigans stuff was cuter if i do say so myself) So we put all the cars stuff back and got the backyardigans party stuff instead. Kendal and i had so much fun baking the cake! Here are a few pictures of our little Pablo masterpiece.. Yes I know Kendal is BY FAR the artist in our family but i helped too :)

The party was a success and Avery had so much fun! Some of his cousins came to play and his little girlfriend Paige and they all had so much fun playing with each other. Watching him at the party I just couldn't help but get kind of excited for the future B-day parties to come. What will he be like when he's older i wonder? Will he want girls at his party? Will I even be aloud to be in the same room with all of his friends at his older parties? Or will I be shunned to my room only aloud to come out when its time to clean up?! Lets hope I have many, many more years until he is embarrassed of his mommy! Well at least for now i can still do everything for him and planning his little party was a blast and I hope everyone that came had fun too!!

After the pizza and presents we all went across the street for some cake and ice cream and to hit the Pablo pinata! Come to find out those stupid pinatas are hard to break open. After letting all the kids have a few turns each, we had to hand the stick over to Justin so he could finish the job! Lets just say Justin took care of Pablo..

After poor little Pablo was slaughtered :( We sang happy birthday to Avery boy and had some cake and ice cream. It was a fun day and a great birthday for Avery!!


candice said...

It looks like SOOOO much fun!! Sorry I missed it! Kendal, I mean both of you, did a great job on the Pablo cake!! I love the picture of your excited face and Justin wailing on the Pablo pinata!!! That totally cracked me up!! I'm thinking kid play date on Thursday or Friday this week, I'll call you!! I can't Mon, Tues or Wed. Love you!!!

Niki Betterton said...

What a cute birthday party! He is so big!
I love the cake, it is perfect! It looks like you guys had so much fun.

themacmomma said...

Way to go on the cake Bean!
What a fun birthday party... and ya, with the crazy steel pinatas! What is with that? It hurts the poor kids egos!!!
Happy Birthday little Avery!