Sunday, May 4, 2008

Averys litte love...

I just wanted to add a quick little post about Avery's little love :) This is Paige. Oh how much Avery loves Paige!! Bridget and I and Kendal and Justin are together all the time so its just natural that these two are as close as they are. Avery loves to give Paigey little loves and you should see her face every time she walks in the door and sees Avery. Its the cutest thing ever, we love it! We always joke that they will be each others first date, kiss, etc. You never know what will happen but they sure do love each other now! These are just a couple quick pics of them watching their favorite show together, BACKYARDIGANS!! Look at their cute little faces, they love their shows :)

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themacmomma said...

How cute are they?
Love it!!!